Logo: The Spirit that lives in all, lives deep within our cells. Transform, ignite, embrace, all that you are. YOU are the walking, breathing Truth.

Before his expulsion from Eden, Adam’s body shone like the sun and was capable of living forever.....One of the goals of Jewish spirituality is to reverse this process: to perfect the body and make it shine. -Judaism

'if then thy whole body is lightened, not having any part darkened, the whole shall be lightened, as when the lamp by the brightness may give thee light.' -Christianity

Our individual soul is the immortal and spiritual body of light that animates life...' -Hinduism

Zoroastrians believe that God created both the invisible and invisible worlds from Himself using His astral body and His own light. -Zorastrianism

Light is the evolutionary force in our bodies. Our consiousness is housed within the light, and the light, within the cells of our bodies. It is possible to focus on, and harmonize only with this aspect. Millions of people of all faiths live contemplative lives, or strive only for 'spiritual' attainment. It is also possible to access, expand and increase this vibration within the cells of the body, allowing us to clear the past that can be held in the body, and radiate on all levels of being.

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