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Core & Cellular Healing is an energetic and telepathic process which opens a powerful doorway directly to
the Heart of Our Creator, the Heart of Source.

This work opens our entire system to the highest levels of Light and Illumination.
Whatever does not resonate with these frequencies comes rapidly to the surface to be released.

Core & Cellular Healing is process of personal and spiritual alchemy which transforms:

• Old trauma, dis-ease, fatigue, pain, or chronic condition in the body, mind or spirit.

• Addictive patterns

• Stagnancy, lack of motivation, lethargy, depression, feelings of wanting to 'give up' on Life.

• Isolation, fear of moving forward, anxiety, panic attacks,

• Childhood trauma, abandonment, abuse, neglect,

• Anger, Frustration, Impatience with others, with Life or with 'God'

• Lack of self-worth, low self-esteem, feeling un-deserving,

Core & Cellular Healing is an alchemical, transformational process which connects us directly to Source and activates the clearing of any limitations or blockages which are preventing us from our full expression. As this transmission of High Healing Sacred Energy melts into the body, it begins to expose, release, and dissolve anything that is not based on Pure Love, Expansion and Growth of Consciousness. Old imprints, mindsets and behavior patterns are quickly dismantled and released. It is a process of 'Living Prayer' in which we work with High Healing Consciousnesses, as well as your own Guardians and Spirit Helpers. You will often feel heat, tingling or vibration as sacred energies put the body through a deep purification process, unwinding and transmuting traumas and limitations, opening the cells, expanding consciousness and allowing the true soul expression to be realized.

As old patterning, limitation and blockages are released from the system, vital energy becomes free and regeneration which could not take place before, begins to be activated. Our spirit recognizes it's home in the Heart of Love and we are able to live with more freedom, purpose and joy. The skin becomes luminescent as light that was trapped becomes free to illuminate us from within.

Balance • Healing
Core & Cellular Healing is the practice of 'making right' with ourselves, our family,
our ancestors, our Creator — restoring balance, harmony and well being to our Life, as well as the lives of all of our fellow beings. This is an alchemical process transmuting resistance, pain and trauma on all levels of being. Core & Cellular Healing is grounded in the knowing that all of us are inextricably linked, each of us an intrinsic part of the whole. This work is a transmission of Living Prayer which calls upon High Healing Consciousness to transmute and heal,
not only for ourselves, but for all of those souls in the greatest need.

Restoration • Expansion
This work restores our vital, intrinsic wholeness and transmutes anything in the way of our full expression as beings of pure power, passion and health, vitality, compassion and Love. Energies of the Sacred work to purify and open the cells, releasing fear & limitation and expanding consciousness.

Body centered practices of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings facilitate the release of unconscious resistance, and awaken a freer and freer flow in the body/mind, emotions, senses, thoughts and perceptions. We become more & more awake and conscious in every cell. Any trauma, discord, or unresolved circumstance that was trapped in the cells may also be revealed.


Group Workshops and Private Sessions are available by request.

Contact: jodymountain@gmail.com

Ancient Hawaiian Bodywork
16 Baldwin Avenue, 2nd Floor, Paia, Hawai'i

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