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ANCIENT Lomi Lomi is a pre-Polynesian shamanic practice which contacts and realigns the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, creating quantum leaps in our ability to navigate all aspects of life in harmony with our deepest self. Training in this sacred art begins with our own journey of awareness into the physical body unlocking old patterning, blockage and trauma to allow a fuller and more open flow throughout our being.

Please note: This body of work is similar to 'Lomi Lomi Nui' but is grounded in the far-ancient form, originally called 'Ke Ala Hoku — Patthway to the Stars'.

My teacher, Kahu Abraham Kawai'i speaking about Kahuna Principles.


Training Includes:
• Ho'omanamana
• Ka'alele au
• Lomi Lomi technique for the back, legs, arms,
neck, face, abdomen, shoulders, hips, feet
• Alignment, Breath
• Hawaiian Geomancy
• Session protocal, music, closure
• Contraindications

The art of Ancient Lomi Lom is the development of Presence in Motion. Based on ancient, universal principles, the work calls us first to redefine who we perceive ourselves to be, and therefore our relationship to everything that exists. Training in this sacred form allows for renewed alignment on all levels of being.

Trainings are experiential, and are taught as close to the ancient Hawaiian ways as possible. Understanding is embraced first by the body, and then later by the mind. As we experience old concepts about ourselves dissolve, the ground of our Being emerges, creating a strong foundation from which to move forward - suddenly we are our own vehicle for Transformation.

This training will access the body's innate intelligence in it's pure form - not limited by the mind. Ho'omanamana (specific movement of the body, breath and energetic bodies), Ka'alele Au (Sacred Movement meditation), pure attention and conscious breath converge to inspire a release of resistance and awaken connectedness, knowing and harmony - the ability to allow Life Itself to guide us in each moment.

Although no experience in massage is necessary to attend trainings, many massage therapists find their work greatly enhanced by their experience with Lomi Lomi Nui. For massage therapists, accessing an expanded awareness of the body can transform their work without necessarily using the Lomi Lomi techniques. It is an opportunity to address our clients as whole beings and begin to heal the spiritual plague of our culture — the idea of separation.

This work allows for a profound shift in perception for both ourselves and our clients, giving us the ability to embrace all of life with more ease, wholeness and joy. Finally, when we are able to touch another in this state of Grace, embodying the knowledge of who we truly are, the sacred dance of transformation begins.

Foundational and intermediate Lomi Lomi technique included. Trainings will enable the participant to perform a full session of Lomi Lomi Nui. No massage experience is necessary. Each participant experiences the work in their own progression.

Join us to learn this transformational work, refine your practice,
and accelerate forward movement in your life!

Please Note: Trainings are for anyone interested in profound and lasting Personal & Spiritual Growth, including Massage Therapists,
Yoga Practitioners, Teachers and Healers. No massage experience is necessary.

Training Schedule

Image: Open to the Flow of Creation in You.

"This work begins with the understanding of yourself: your range and patterns of movement, and how they contribute to your total understanding of Life.
You are provided with a vehicle to expand, express and ultimately, free yourself."

—Kahu Abraham Kawai'i

Ancient Hawaiian Bodywork
16 Baldwin Avenue, 2nd Floor, Paia, Hawai'i


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